Upcoming On Course Golf Coaching

  You play the game on the golf course so why not learn on the golf course? Come and get your golf game in shape by attending a 2.5 hour/9 hole, on course, golf coaching session. Most amateur golfers spend their learning time on the driving range and in private... read more

Get Into Golf in 2019

Happy New Year! The new year has begun and all the craziness of the summer school holiday period is over. Work and school schedules are to become the normality and it will be the return to weekend sport! This means that now is the opportunity for you to think about... read more

Reduce the Chicken Wing in the Golf Swing

Have you ever been told you have a Chicken Wing or you know you Chicken Wing? I have a simple and effective drill just for you!    What is a Chicken Wing?  A Chicken Wing, in the golf swing, is where your elbows get further apart through impact. This usually results... read more

Improve Body Functionality for Golf Swing Efficiency

Junior Golfer Case Study July 2017-July 2018 Handicap July 2017: 7 Handicap July 2018: 2 The purpose of this article is to demonstrate two things: How golf swing efficiency can improve when the areas of weakness in the body are addressed (improved body functionality)... read more

Golf Statistics and How They Aid Golf Improvement

Improving your golf game is all about figuring out where to start. Lowering your scores may require more than the occasional lesson on the practice ground and requires information found in the collection of your personal golf stats. Often, when I ask people how their... read more