Upcoming On Course Golf Coaching

  You play the game on the golf course so why not learn on the golf course? Come and get your golf game in shape by attending a 2.5 hour/9 hole, on course, golf coaching session. Most amateur golfers spend their learning time on the driving range and in private... read more

What Should I Think About?

A common question I get asked when coaching players is: “What should I be thinking about over the ball?” This is a very good question with a surprising answer. The short answer is you want to be thinking about nothing. I hear you thinking … nothing? How can I think... read more

The Perception of Difficulty in Golf

I recently went on a ski trip to Japan. I am at best an intermediate skier. Each time I go skiing I invest in lessons to help with my technique and to build my confidence. This was my third ski trip in the last four years so I was familiar with the basic technique of... read more