Driver versus Iron Set up For Golf 

The set up process is one of the most important concepts for every shot. A question commonly asked on the teaching tee is: what is the difference between a Driver and an Iron set up?

This is a great question and it is something that professionals are always working on when practicing.

Let’s keep it very simple.

Iron Set Up

From the picture below we can see that the iron set up has the ball slightly forward of middle (here I am using a 7iron), there is a only a slight spine tilt (trail shoulder slightly lower than the lead shoulder) and hips pretty much parallel to the ground. The stance is slightly narrower than the driver stance. This type of set up helps to create a slightly steeper angle of attack (negative angle) into the ball to help create spin. We set up this way because the ball itself is sitting on the ground (or close to it on a Par 3) and we need to hit down onto the ball.


Driver Set Up

With the driver we want to alter the set up so the club can come in much shallower (positive angle of attack) to reduce spin and increase carry distance. From the picture above we can see the ball position shifts forward towards the lead heel, the lead hip sits slightly higher as does the lead shoulder (creating an increase in spine tilt). The stance also increases in size to create a more powerful base. This set up, helps us to hit up on the ball as the ball itself is sitting on the tee. When setting up with driver I like to imagine I am going to launch it into the sky above a tree line in the distance (imagine a tree line if you live in the desert or play on a coastal course)!


Driver versus Iron Set Up Video


Drill Check 

A great way to check how you alter your set up is by performing the movements in front of a mirror. Try it first with the club across your shoulders to get the correct spine tilt, then add in the arms and club.

Practice these set ups 5 minutes a day and you will be well on your way to cementing the process and improving your performance.

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