Hello Everyone,

There is no better time than to be online and reaching out to everyone who loves and cherishes their time on the golf course. With the challenges and changes to our everyday living we need to hold close those things that we cherish the most- family, friends, community, our own mental and physical health and of course, golf!

For all of us crazy in love with the game of golf, our golf courses are closing around us or if you are lucky enough to have your course still open, the way in which the game is played, has changed.

What is so fortunate is that we have at our disposal so many ways to stay connected to the game. We have so many ways of still being able to practice at home and hone our skills. Being an individual sport we do not have to rely on anyone else to play or practice. We can get better in this time and still remain connected to most of the things we love about the game.

Over the coming weeks I will be uploading things you can do at home to help your game improve. While they may seem small, they will all be relevant and help you to maintain or develop a good foundation for when you return to playing full time.

I understand that practicing at home is not the same as the golf course, but hey, it is better than nothing! Let’s look to the positive and think that now is the time to focus on those little things that you have never had time to practice- set up basics, pivot patterns, weight shift drills, balance, mental and visualisation skills. All these things combine to having a good foundation and you now have time to practice them!

So, look at the positive, let’s look to the future, let’s do these things at home and before you know it, you will back out playing the game we all love and cherish so much.

Stay safe and healthy,


If you would like me to cover any topics for home training or would like information on anything golf specific, please contact me by clicking here.