Set Up for Success

Setting up and aligning properly to the golf ball and the target is often over looked and under practiced by many golfers. The golf set up and alignment process is one that should be practiced every day. The set up and alignment of the body and the club is the most important part of the whole shot. Get the set up consistent and the golfer increases their chances for success.

The main keys are to ensure the clubface and shoulders are aligned first. The club aligns down the starting line for the shot and the body aligns parallel to either the left (for right handers) or right (left handers).

The best way of thinking about it is, “train tracks.” The club sits on one track and the body aligns on the other.

How to Practice the Process

  1. Use alignment rods or other golf clubs to help you reference the clubface and your body. Use a mirror down the line so you can watch yourself.
  2. Aim the clubface and shoulders first then place the feet. Slow this process down so you can see and feel what is happening as you set up.
  3. Ensure you have your full attention and focus on getting the points right.
  4. Complete 10-20 routines daily.

Check out the video of how I address the ball with a 7iron.

Employ Laser Like Focus on the Task

When learning something new or practicing a skill, it is very important to have a laser like focus on the components of the skill. This may mean slowing the process down as you complete the movements. When our minds wander through practice our brain is not being allowed to process the exact information we want it to learn and recall later.

Three Keys to Improved Learning and Retention

  1. Be focussed on the task at hand
  2. Be consistent with your practice
  3. Spread practice of the skill throughout the week. It is better to practice 10-20 repetitions a day for 5 days a week than 100 in one session once a week.

Before long, the skill and process will become second nature!

I would love to hear about how your progress is coming along.

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